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So... when did you get into astrology?” Is usually the first question asked when sharing my love of this ancient practice. Much to my chagrin as a storyteller, the answer is not in the form of a colorful anecdote. No, but it does start with one word- curiosity. Since I was a kid, I have always been curious about what makes us feel different or other-ed externally and internally. How do we make sense of the fascinating dynamic that plays out within our minds and interpersonal relationships? 

For the past fourteen years (and continuing to this day), I have soaked up as much knowledge from other astrologers, books, historical texts, videos, and any other cosmic curriculum I can get my eyes on. I will never stop being curious about the influence planetary alignment has on our fate and circumstances.

While my curiosity is insatiable, I learned from exploring my natal chart that doing so without compassion and kindness limits the ability to see our full astrological story and potential.

As an Astrologer and Author of an astrology-based book series for kids, my highest aspiration is to decipher the meaningful connection between our lived story and the one playing out in the skies above.  

David Bensimon - Astrologer and Author


"David was very knowledgeable when he did my reading. I had been going through some hardships in my life and he helped me see the reasons why.

He explained my chart and informed me good things were heading my way. I now just need to look into my North Node as I am almost in alignment.

I highly recommend him"

Patty Mo

"It’s hard to put into words all the things David’s chart reading has illuminated in my life, but the what it gave me above all else was compassion for

myself in deeper ways. His patience and ability to talk with someone like me who doesn’t know much about the stars or signs I think sets him apart

from the rest."

Justin Deeley

​​"The session I had with David was insightful and eye-opening. He told me aspects of my chart that explains why I'm so often conflicted. I would highly

recommend him to any of my friends."

Julia Chen
Real Estate Agent

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