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Note: All sessions are held using Zoom

Getting Started with Astrology

30 minutes  - $40

Since we have the time… let’s chat it out. That’s right this reading is your time to slice it up with me on any astrology topic. That means riffing on any planet/point in your chart, comparing your chart to the cosmic climate, or a gander at your crush's chart (and if you should seek them out post quarantine). All this and more is on the table to discuss. I’ll have my astro-tools at the ready and my mercury in Leo in high gear to bring you the straight and loving truth.


Book a Reading - Astrochat

45 minutes -  $75

The Intro - Gateway into Astrology

Welcome to exploring your big three placements- rising sign (outer personality, physical self, and first impressions) sun sign (consciousness, core self, and purpose in this world), and moon sign (emotional foundation, needs/reactions, and deeper self-awareness). This accessible and fun session will demystify astrology and make it accessible to even the least cosmically literate.

Book a Reading: The Intro - Gateway into Astrology

1 hour and 30 minutes    -  $130

Natal Chart Reading

Exploring your natal chart is one of the most accessible ways to get down to the nitty-gritty of who you are, what makes you tick, and even what ticks you off. In this session, you’ll learn where there’s flow in your natal chart (and in your life) and where extra effort may be required to achieve a breakthrough.

Book a Reading: Natal Chart Reading

1 hour and 30 minutes   -  $130

Advanced Readings: Love and Connectivity

Explore the interaction and attraction between you and your partner. Using the birth details of both you and your partner's charts, we can explore how your natal charts intersect and interact. This session is also helpful for examining the inner workings of a business partnership or friendship.

Book a Reading: Love and Connectivity

1 hour  -  $100

Blow out those candles and get ready to explore the year ahead with one of the best birthday gifts you can give yourself or someone special. In this session, we will use your solar return chart, based on the sun's annual return to the exact degree in your natal chart. This chart explores how we can navigate the year ahead. Additionally, I will use an ancient-timing technique called annual profections to illustrate the most emphasized house (area of life) in your chart this birthday year.

Advanced Readings:
Birthday Time-Solar Return Chart

Book a Reading: Birthday Time-Solar Return Chart
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