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3 Ways to stay proactive this Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

This Mercury Retrograde period is a lot more about the quality of your deep personal relationships than merely a series of miscommunication moments (not that those are mutually exclusive). May these suggestions serve as a jumping-off point to make your list tailored around your specific chart and your specific needs during this not-so-dull reflective period. For help navigating, you can schedule a session with me. Click here to sign-up.

1. Call forth, not call out. AKA: righteous indignation alert

Mars in dynamic with Mercury retrograde may give you the desire to call someone out, gleefully announcing when you're right or to have any of what I just said happen to you. Calling someone out may feel good at the moment, but how justified or necessary is it? Bottom line- these next three weeks are a time to observe your treatment of others and how others treat you. Mars here can also help you advocate for yourself and stand up for any injustices directed towards you. One remedy is to be mindful of how strong you come down on someone for said injustice and to be clear about what your end goal is. A mutually beneficial resolution/compromise will probably land best. This time seems most favorable to address an issue constructively by acknowledging that both parties share an invested interest.

2. Address the small and acknowledge the large

On October 1st Mercury squares Pluto. This aspect is one where any unresolved issues may come up big time. It might be tempting to sweep those scaries under the rug, but I suggest not as they will only grow fangs under there. The opportunity of this moment is that something unsavory can be reviewed and looked at from a more objective lens. Fairness and objectivity are your friends here, and although a square aspect suggests a discomfort around addressing those issues, it will cause more duress by ignoring them together. Bring those taboo or shadowy thoughts into the light for you to examine first. If comfortable with that stage, share it with a trusted other. These parts of ourselves are as valid as the parts we consciously choose to express. From my perspective, I am challenged most by accepting the space to be vulnerable.

3. Plan ahead. Not everything is in reverse.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, affecting much of our modern-day reality. When retrograde, we more noticeably feel the shift in its function. However, with three planets (Pluto, Saturn, & YAY Jupiter) coming back online, this period can serve as a staging ground for our next move rather than just stalling our plans. Pluto kicks back online first, stationing direct on the 7th, followed by Saturn on the 10th, and finally (and most excitingly) Jupiter on the 17th. These three planets speak to moving through a process, planning, and finding a solution. New developments on the world stage may start to come front and center again. Looking to later in the month and November, there are some tense moments astrologically ahead. So perhaps now allows us to reestablish our foundation, our alignments with others, and a plan to forge ahead come what may. Am I evoking Moulin Rouge? Yes.

Bonus Info:

October 7th (8th EST) marks the start of a new Mars cycle. The conjunction between Mars and the Sun kicks off a new 2+ years cycle which is the time between consecutive conjunctions of the sun and Mars. What does any of this mean? It means that Mars is switching from an evening star (in front of the sun) to being behind it in the morning star position. This shift will have Mars feeling like a bright-eyed & bushy-tailed, fresh-faced solider as opposed to a grizzled veteran. This position switch with the sun (now being behind it) will help to reinvigorate our goals and the drive to reach them. Once the sun moves 15-17 degrees away from the sun we should start to feel like we have a full stamina bar (yes, 16-bit videogame reference) in which to use to chase down our dreams. October 9th: Mars+Mercury conjunction the same day as Mercury conjunct the sun (all in retro-grade-pastiche mode). Mercury rx and Mars conjunct as does Mercury and the sun. Your mind could light up like the Olympic torch with ideas and plans you want to put into action NOW. Write them down in as detailed of a manner as you can, capture them. Some will be amazing, some after careful review, will maybe not. If your plans involve a partner, share them but accept it may take time for them to process. Big picture thinking will be more in vogue when Venus moves into Sagittarius and Mercury stations direct.

Questions? Happy to help!

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