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Lies Pushed Onto The Pluto Generations - Pluto in Leo-Capricorn

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The truth and the lie are one in the same. Transmuting the lie into truth is the journey each Pluto generation is tasked to go on.

Watching Paris Hilton’s documentary, I found myself livid at her mother’s disbelief of the nightmare Paris endured. And then it struck me her denial was the projection of a lie told to an entire generation - “it can’t be that bad.” Pushed on each Pluto generation is an expectation. By fulfilling that expectation (and not experiencing the intended result) they come to see it as a lie. Only by digging deeper into why it’s an untruth, do they find through decades of slow transformation that ‘yes, that statement can be true, but not in the way promised.’ Essentially, the Pluto generations transmute lies into truth by dissecting its origins and the motives behind it.

*The below is told from my lens as an American and takes on a U.S historical/cultural perspective. It would be fascinating to hear how others in countries around the world experienced and witnessed these transits. Feel free to comment below.

Pluto in Leo Generation (1939-1957)

The Lie: “Smile and you will be happy”

With WWII behind them and a thriving new suburban lifestyle in its place, how could they not be happy, right? But how do you smile in the face of blatant discrimination? Or after being forced to kill for your country? How do you smile when the ‘promise of equality’ excludes so many? Instructed and encouraged to ignore their mental health needs, a crisis was born based on the refusal to admit anything is wrong.

This generation had to learn that smiling no matter the circumstances was a lie that left millions feeling hopeless. Only by honoring their inner struggle as a healthy part of the human experience did this generation began to see happiness as something attainable. Accept the rain along with the shine.

Pluto in Virgo Generation (1957-1972) The Lie: “You can be perfect… if you work at it enough”

For the perfection striving Pluto in Virgo generation, there was this notion that perfection did exist. And one could achieve that state ONLY if one worked tirelessly towards it. But most just found themselves tired. As commerce culture consumed the 80s, productivity became the new groovy. During this time, the average workweek ballooned well past 40 hours, microwave dinners came into favor because of their efficiency, and freedom from toil came in the form of a once a year vacation.

So, everyone worked their ass off only to find that perfection meant burnout and that their individualistic endeavors lacked the finite satisfaction they sought.

The lie was transformed into truth when service, volunteerism, and environmentalism became a value to this generation. Perfection became measured by the impact of their work rather than the bottom line. By applying their skills to serve a purpose beyond individual gain, this group learned that the world could be a more perfect place for more people… if they never stop working to improve it.

Pluto in Libra Generation (1972-1984) The Lie: “Life is beautiful (and fair)”

The Libra generation was presented with the following expectations: achieve a certain aesthetic appearance (an idealized standard set by past generations), form a lasting union with a partner, and expect impartial judgment in all aspects of life. But silly rabbit, life can’t be fair until you realize someone else is tilting the scale. So, this became a generation of divorce, disordered eating, and distrust.

The consequences of this lie manifested in the forms of disillusionment around relationships, a quest to manufacture beauty, and the exposure of a deeply flawed justice system. By deconstructing these expectations, this group began to see that what they aspired towards was merely a projection of a past generation’s perceived shortcomings.

Gradually, the Libra in Pluto generation saw that life was far more tolerable when experienced rather than showcased and that the expression ‘until death do us part’ is not a requirement, rather something earned by a partner willing to evolve. Pluto in Libra folks have taught us that the full human spectrum of experiences ranging from heartbreaking loss to uncontainable joy is all that ultimately makes life truly beautiful… it’s why the Notebook was so popular.

Pluto in Scorpio Generation (1984-1995) The Lie: “You’re so powerful!"

The Scorpio generation, a product of a nation intent on boosting the self-esteem of its youth (probably lead by a cohort of rebelling Pluto in Virgos) was programmed to expect omnipotence. Told they had the power to do anything and be anyone, these kiddos were handed a ninth-place "you're a winner too" trophy and then booted out into a crumbling reality. Hit after hit felled the psyche of these then kids- 9/11, school shootings, a crushing recession, none of this was their fault but all it was expected to be shouldered. Instead of receiving comprehensive support form elder generations, labels like “snowflake” were stitched onto their hoodies. They weren’t empowered, they were impoverished.

The hypocrisy is what really got to this gang of truth seekers. The Pluto generation was told the world admired transparency but was then shunned for baring their raw truth. Asking- “why publicly shame me for expressing my sexuality, yet fund a porn industry designed to objectify me?”

This generation has begun to take back their power by revealing the rot masquerading in society's most prominent sectors. The ‘Me Too’ movement is an example of how these powerful souls are reclaiming a stolen sense of safety and control. This generation will continue to do the dirty work, shining a collective backlight on the filth we refuse to acknowledge. Their quest will empower us all.

Pluto in Sagittarius Generation (1995-2008) The Lie: “You can do it all!”

The truth and the lie are one in the same - “you can do it all” implies all is possible at once. There are no limits stopping your fullest potential from being realized. But what about when you quit sleeping because you’re balancing six extracurricular activities and a 4.62 in 4 AP classes + Dj-ing 2 nights a week & growing your budding ASMR channel which you only started to calm yourself down but now it’s become a THING, so like, you can’t stop now right???!!! The lie fed of ‘more is more’ has lead this beleaguered generation through a winding road of chronic anxiety, inevitable dissatisfaction, and serious FOMO.

The Pluto in Sagittarius generation is right now in the process of transmuting this lie into truth. As access to a world they worked so hard to be a part of closes off, it is in this moment that they must answer their own quandary. The answers will come from a philosophical inquiry starting with “what’s the point?” and ending with a beautiful knowing that “the reason you choose your path is far more important than the journey itself.” Pluto in Sagittarius generation, you will be so wise and teach us so much.

Pluto in Capricorn Generation (2008-2024) The Lie: “Follow the rules… and everything will work out”

The truth and the lie are one in the same - “follow the rules... and everything will work out.” Excelling is expected from this generation. I mean, they’re handed down the same tried and tested blueprint to success as their stressed-out parents so it should be, fine, right? Off they go into a world that values academics over play starting in pre-k. But as the first of these Pluto-caps come of age they’ll find the prior generation saddled with: mounting student debt, rising costs of living, stagnant wages, and an overall diminished work/life balance. In the coming decade, many will be saying “fuck this, your rules no longer fit my reality.”

And so, the Pluto-in-Cap-ers will start erecting new rules, ones that withstands and improves upon worsening conditions. This new set of principles will consider our current social, economic, and ecological crossroads. They will remake the rules to work for them. Along with a new generation on the rise, there will emerge a new blueprint. Finally, the Pluto in Capricorn generation will be able to say with confidence to their children- “follow THESE rules, and everything will work out.”

Questions? Happy to help!

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