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What to expect when all planets are direct...

Preparing for all planets direct

January 22nd. That;s the day Uranus stations direct, and from that point forward until mid-April, all planetary bodies are all system go. It's an exciting time to move forward, but simultaneously can also be a period of overwhelm. Below, in my observations, are how the influence of planetary motion (direct or retrograde affects a planet operation.

DIRECT: Emphasis on addressing changes occurring around us


RETROGRADE: Integrating these changes so they fit our understanding and grasp


DIRECT: Meeting external demands


RETROGRADE: Responding to inner guidance


DIRECT: World events impact our personal point of view


RETROGRADE: Inner observations and the processing of

past events inform our view of the world


DIRECT: Implementation


RETROGRADE: Reorganization


DIRECT: Moving forward to face the obstacles and rewards that lie ahead vs. RETROGRADE: Retracing our steps to recover something we missed or discarded earlier


DIRECT: Schedule following vs. RETROGRADE: Intuition obeying


Questions? Happy to help!

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